New Car Vs Used Car : Pros and Cons

Hello! If you are going to buy a new or used car in Mombasa, Kenya so, read this article carefully. With the help of this article, you will become able to choose between ‘which car is best to buy a new or used’.

Pros of Buying a New Car

1. First owner – When you buy a new car, you are the first owner. Because of this, you do not have any worries about the past of that car. The new car gives you the best service and runs very well. And nothing is better than the smell of a new car.

2. Less problem – When you buy a new car, you do not face any problem in it. Like, you do not have to go to the mechanic repeatedly to get the car checked.

3. Latest Technologies – When you buy your new car, you get to see the latest technology in it. The new car gets all the latest equipment, accessories and technology.

4. Extended Warranty – When buying a new car, many dealers give you an extended warranty that lasts for 2 to 4 years. If there is any problem in the car, the manufacturer corrects it.
5. Free assistant – when you buy a new car the company give you a free toll-free number. With the help of this toll-free number, you can call them when you have any problems in your car.

Cons of buying a new car

1. The cost – the expense of purchasing a new car is higher than what you would pay for a used car. Additionally, the street charge for a new car (legitimate for a long time) makes up a generous lump of the sum you pay for the car.

2. Devaluation – A new car begins deteriorating 20-30 percent the moment it leaves the showroom. So purchasing a used car doesn’t appear to be quite a bit of a venture as on account of buying a used car.

3. Harm – I’d shed tears and beat myself if I figure out how to get an imprint or a scratch on my new car, I’m sure you’d feel the equivalent.

Pros of buying a used car

1. Cost – You can get the car you’ve been looking at for some time for less than what you would need to pay for a brand new car. This is advantageous, particularly when you need to get a top-notch extravagance car.

2. Transferable Warranty – Used cars don’t usually accompany a similar guarantee as a brand new one. However on the off chance that the guarantee on the car you are purchasing is as yet legitimate, at that point, you can move it from the first owner to the second absent a lot of hassle.

3. Deterioration – Used cars devalue extensively less than a brand new one. This is useful when you plan on exchanging your car.

4. Street Tax – Road charge for a used car is lower than a new car.

5. Protection – For a used car, the protection sum is usually less than safeguarding a brand new car.

6. Modification – You could change a used car to no closure on the off chance that you are available. You can wring out as a lot of influence or deck up the car how you need it with all the cash you spent purchasing a new car if the car doesn’t have a producer guarantee, at that point far better.

Cons of Buying a Used Car

1. Outdated – By the time you purchase the car you have always wanted from another chap, the detail, innovation, highlights, devices and configuration would all be obsolete, particularly when a new model lands in the market.

2. Legitimate Issues – Previous mishaps and some other lawful gives all come bundled with the used car.

3. Maintenance – While you spare some mixture while purchasing a used car, keeping up, it can deplete your bank balance in a matter of seconds.

4. Higher Interest Rates – While financing a used car is never again an undeniable irritation as in the past, loan fees for used cars are still high. This thus implies it would bode well to purchase a used car with money instead of financing it.

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